Patients Feedback

We consulted doctor for my wife’s health. He listened us very carefully and asked such questions that he got clear information regarding her health problem and advised medicines. Now she is on medication. Next appointment is after one week.

Prakash Patil

I was suffering from just fistula since 1996. My brother took me to Dr. Lodha. He examined my health & started the required treatment. My treatment continued for about 2 yrs. Whenever I needed medicine, to Dr. Lodha used to send it to me via courier. Now I have been completely cured of fistula. My entire family is indebted to to Dr. Lodha as I am living a normal life now. I have become aware of the fact that Ayurvedic medicine can completely cure dreaded diseases take fistula.

Darshan Rathi

I have been connected with DR Lodha Clinic more than few years. I had under gone treatment for the by multiple disease. I was very happy the way Treatment given to me at Omkar clinic. during course of my treatment I had taken consultancy and panchkarma treatment here at DR Lodha clinic.

Prakash Ram

I met with an accident while riding my motorcycle. The treatment on my injured knee joint was started at Desaiganj. When I did not get any major relief, I consulted Dr. G Dr. Lodha.
The treatment here has helped me recover faster. Now I am able to kick-start my vehicle and maintain the body balance properly.

Even the problem of hyper-acidity associated with modern medicine has been taken care of. Thus, I got relief from treatment of Dr. Lodha. Now, I have become a guiding person to those who come in contact with me to take advice from Dr. Lodha.

Sunil Deshpande